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We research and develop real educational solutions that work!

Welcome to the Institute of Research & Development for Education


Our mission is to guide, encourage, support, assist and advise students on their journey of knowledge on a path to higher education and success as adults in Science, Engineering, Mathematics, and Technology.  We provide resources for all students from K-12 and beyond, including College and Vocational Tech.  We support private, public and homeschooling.  We develop supplemental tools for everyone regardless of where or how they are educated.

About IRDE Research Fellows

We are an Educational Research Center. Our research fellows are retired Scientists, Engineers and Educators. We are focused on promoting and enhancing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics subject resources for students. We have many fellow members who are members of the National Physics Honor Society, and Fellows of the American Physical Society(APS). Many have obtained Doctorate Degrees in a Scientific Field, all have a Master's and Bachelor's degree in a Subject such as Mathematics, Physics, and Engineering. More than half have have Served in a Military Service, taught at a College or University, and finally volunteered to teach in Public Education through programs such as Troops to Teachers. All have Master's and or Doctorate Degrees in Education in addition to their Subject of Study. Some are retired doctoral members of The National Education Association (NEA) and the associated unions in the States and Counties they taught. We have experience in Military, Scientific and Industrial application of knowledge learned from education and experience. We do first is, learn to teach, teach learn, and continue as students helping others by providing information, tools, and any support we can.  Several of our Senior Fellows are ServiceAcademy graduates. All of our members are retired and are volunteers. Our mission is give to others, as others have given to us on our journey of learning.


 Senior STEHM Fellow & Editor

Institute of Research & Development for Edcuation (IRDE)

"Knowledge is a Stage Process, It must go forward and backwards along each steps progression"

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